Fake hotmail account set up with my name!


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Hello all,

I have this problem where I send an email from my gmail account, and when the person I've sent it to replies, it goes automatically to a fake hotmail account with my name in it!!! the fake account is wendeline.feltz@gmail.com, which is very similar to my real gmail account wendeline.feltz@gmail.com

So I can send email to people, but when they hit the "reply" button, it goes wrong, and someone else gets my emails, it is exasperating!!
can someone PLEASE help me?? what should I do? I do not know how to reach damned hotmail people or gmail for that matter to know if they can fix it...
Damned identity theft...

I will bless the one that helps me!!!


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Which email program do you use for sending your email?

Do you use a mail program on your computer or the Gmail web site?

Check your From: and Reply-to: settings.

The problem doesn't appear to be a fake account, but that there is a typo in your settings.

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I don't think this is an error on your part. My yahoo account was recently hacked and each day thereafter has revealed more damage. The hackers were able to change my filter to "reply to" a hotmail account, which I do not have. Therefore I was not receiving numerous emails but more importantly the integrity of my yahoo account has been compromised as well as my contacts. The hackers sent an email indicating that I was stuck in Istanbul and needed money. I have spent countless hours trying to rectify this and thus far am still unable to make contact with Hotmail who I believe is now Microsoft/Outlook. The first steps I would advise is that you immediately change your password and take the necessary steps to see if anyone other than you signed into your account.