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hello friends i m new here... i dont know how to post a topic ... even i dont know what i m doing.... if i m breaking the rules i really apologize... but i have a searious problem...
i m getting emails on yahoo from facebook comments...
that person is fake and trying to make me fool by telling that he is living in my area.... i just want to know can i check his location bye that email...
he is not a yahoo friend just on facebook....
and how can i get the aswers .... i really dont know but hope i will get some answers ...... thanks

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Here is a guide to help you get started when you don't know which forum to post in :


Here are the directions for reading the full email headers from a Yahoo Mail account.

Unfortunately facebook does not include the IP address of the users logged into an account when an email is generated from one of their actions.

If you really want to get their IP address create a temporary email account with a free email provider and then somehow trick the other person into sending an email from their email account to that email address. Once they send you an email account you'll be able to check the full email headers and get their IP address, which at the very least should let you know what IP and geographical region they are in.

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