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In the last two days, received emails with an attached pdf will not open. Instead I get the following message "The current operation on "INBOX" did not succeed. The mail server for account 3RDS.COMLLC. Earl responded - nz number." I am running Thunderbird 3.1.7. I can login to my ISP email server and see the downloadable pdf's. The ISP has made not changes to their service and the pdf's are not large. Suggestions???


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I recently fixed all sorts of PDF related problems on my computer by :

  1. Upgrading To the latest Adobe Reader, and then
  2. Running the command: Start -> Run -> fixmapi.exe
If that does not fix the problem, a more complicated solution that has fixed the problem for users with similar error is:

  • Delete C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird
  • turn of your anti-virus software
  • Download the installer for Thunderbird - Thunderbird - It
  • Reinstall Thunderbird by double clicking that download
  • Restart your anti-virus software
Did either of these solutions fix the problem?

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Re-installing did nothing. I turned off the anti-virus (AVG 2011), uninstalled and re-installed and the attachments came down OK. When I turned on the anti-virus, the problem returned. I am using the free version. I went back in and disabled the email checking only and it appears that the problem is resolved. Not sure what they did with their AVG 2011, but it appears to have created some severe incompatibilities. Been using AVG Free for years without any issues. Since the release of the new version, seems to have created several issues (wife used it as well and had problems with Hotmail).