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I have been locked out of my Facebook account for weeks I want to send face book an email to delete the account


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In the future, if you start up another facebook, use back up safety measures to safeguard your account.

1st choose the settings "wheel" to the far right and select "privacy settings" on the drop down box that appears.

2nd choose "security"
There you would want to select

-"secure browsing enabled"

-"text message notifications enabled" (which means you can not log in from an unrecognized device without first typing in a code that is sent to your cell phone) if you enable this, nobody should ever be able to access your account.

-You should then fill in the "trusted contacts" section. You should select 3 people that you trust completely that can help you in the event that you are ever locked out of your account for whatever reason.

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As far as the old account that you are locked out of, you can also report the account compromised

go to the profile page, select the "wheel to the right of "message" at the bottom of their cover photo.

select "report/block"

then select "report ____'s account"

then it will give an option to report it hacked.

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jessica brown

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You can't do this without logging into the account.. Again I cannot get into the account to make the report. Is there anyway that you can unlock my correct account from there please


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The intent there is for you to have a friend or family report the account as compromised. Is there someone who can login and do that for you?