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Hi, my name is manu,
I got my facebook account hacked and i tried everything, but because they also hacked my hotmail address, i can't get any of them back.
they changed the second addresses so i cannot reset the passwords...
What should I do?
Please answer, I'm going crazy...

Rishi Gupta

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hey is it possible to hack somebody's Facebook account ?? i am scared, seriously..

i spend more than 6 hours a day on Facebook and have 3000 friends. i'll die if something like this happens to me


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Yes, it's possible for you to get phished or spyware on your computer to cause a problem.

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Your very best tool against your facebook being hacked is to set up your privacy settings so that anytime you (or a hacker) tries to log in from a different device (IE phone, other computer etc) facebook sends a code to your cell phone that you have to type in BEFORE it allows you (or the hacker) to log in. If the code is not punched in that was sent to your cell phone, the access to the account is denied. So even with your password, they are not allowed into your account. People that do not have this set up are asking for trouble.