Facebook chat in Hotmail


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I'm not a fan of my accounts and services being interconnected.

What do you think? Also, when you register at new sites do you create new accounts or use your Facebook and/or Twitters logins?


Today, Facebook chat is available to Hotmail customers worldwide, wherever Facebook is available.

When we first announced the ability to chat with Facebook friends from Hotmail, we were only able to offer this to customers in six regions. Since then, we’ve been working with Facebook to increase availability, and a few weeks ago, we announced that the feature was available globally through Messenger. Today this is available around the world through Hotmail too. And while Gmail beat us to bringing their own chat into the inbox, we have now gone a step further and brought both our own chat and Facebook chat into your inbox. Starting now, we will be displaying notifications of this update in Hotmail.

Big Dan

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I hardly ever turn on FB chat as it is. I'm not a fan of using FB or Twitter as my online identity though I will use Twitter as an open ID to comment on blogs that don't have the standard comment form.