everybody"s using my contact list


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I opened an email in December from a friend in Canada. It wasn't actually from my friend. Someone had gotten her email list just as people are now using mine, by opening an email from who you think is your friend. These emails just have links on them that if used, take you to all kinds of sites selling things. from sex sites to the original one I opened about discount drugs in Canada. I don' t know how to stop whoever is using my contact list. My friends are getting mad and I think this is spredding like crazy. HELP Please!!!!


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Hi, hobansgirl

Welcome to the forums !

Until Ray gets back to you I can only mention that perhaps you should play it safe and change your password. Also check your other security information (security question, back-up email address, etc.) to be sure they haven't been altered.

FWIW, I'm not sure much can be done after the fact. Once someone has a contact list, he/she really doesn't need to keep accessing your account. They can simply copy the list for use at their own location and 'spoof' your (and others') addresses.

Ray and/or Big Dan may chime in with much more helpful advice for you !