Eudora missing mail


New Email
One of my hard drives has been slowly going bad. On it Eudora.exe is on a very small FAT32 partition (8 Gb) with mailboxes. I copied this entire Eudora folder to another, newer drive. Somehow, after erasing unneeded files and running Spinrite successfully on the cheesy drive, I started Eudora one day on that drive and it greeted me with "set up your new email account!!"

I closed Eudora and began trying other things -- like importing my email into a fresh install of Eudora OSE, etc. But no matter what program I use, I get a random selection of my emails.

Today I replaced the failing drive with a backup SSD -- with a month-old Eudora install on it. But again when I run Eudora, I see the same odd mailboxes and messages -- not gibberish -- just a strange selection of my many emails. Most annoyingly, my large Sent mailbox is now called Out and it has almost nothing in it.

So now I'm really puzzled. Where does Eudora keep its email? In the folder I created for it? On the Windows XP system drive? In some hidden system directory? Thanks for your help.