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I can't open my facebook account. Every time I try to, I get the following Error Message: below! What could have happened? I used to access my account without a problem!

ERROR: Forbidden

{facebook link}

  • Access Denied
Your cache administrator is Deqa.

Generated Sun, 04 Jan 1970 01:38:40 GMT by (Mikrotik HttpProxy)


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The Mikrotik HttpProxy part of the error suggests that your web browser or network router is configured to use a proxy server.

Do you have this problem with more than one web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome?

Did you make any changes before the problem started?

If only one web browser is affected check the security and proxy settings within that web browser.

It's never a bad idea to run a virus/spyware scan to make sure some bad didn't get installed on your computer.

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