error 5200 when logging in to Yahoo mail


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I get this message with a # to call when logging in to Yahoo mail. The robo help voice makes alot of mistakes then tell me to call back Mon-Fri. with no option for this fix. Using Uverse from ATT. in CT
Any idea what this registration error means and how do I fix it? Thanks! Tom


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This is very suspicious. I have never heard of yahoo giving a phone number out with an error. Try logging in from a completely different computer. Do you use the verification sign in seal?


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Re: registration error 5200 when logging in to Yahoo mail

thanks for your reply!The number listed to call is ATT Support. After 2 hrs Sun night. 2 hrs on Moday I was bounced or transferred to many different places ATT then Yahoo who claims the acct is linked to ATT so I need them etc. After a while I got to the "Tier 2 ATT support"!! After many tries they determined the email acct was not migrated to ATT Uverse from ATT DSL. They supposedly tried quite a lot of things to put it back , and Ramon promised to keep trying and to call back , but so far no calls and no email adress. The adress is my elderly mothers so I`m trying to get it back. I would just add another adress and use that . I can`t belive how hard it is to reach anyone( or a live person) that knows something besides how to transfer you to anyone else. I`ll be looking soon to get rid of the whole deal try using something else.

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