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I attended a Return Path Deliverability Conference earlier this year and one of the main emphases was on engagement.
If I am sending a newsletter out with links to articles and other content, how do ISP's like gmail, yahoo, aol, msn, Hotmail etc et al. define engagement?

Is it as simple as my newsletter recipients clicking through the links to read content articles or is there more to it?
Any help would be appreciated.
Dan Davila


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Hi Dan,

It will vary from provider to provider, if tracked at all.

You are correct that the larger email email services such as Gmail pay attention.

It's all about positive interaction. Opening the email one or more times, clicking links, forwarding and/or replying to the email, etc.

Getting reported as spam is bad. Make it easy to unsubscribe.

You can even consider including why someone is receiving the email and how to unsubscribe at the top of the email to avoid lazy readers clicking the spam button.
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