Emails not being recieved by recipient, why?


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Im hoping someone can help me with a problem I have been having when trying to email a friend from my hotmail account and gmail to there Gmail account?

The emails that I have received from my friends gmail account, I have been directly replying to through hotmail. However, it seems that they don’t seem to be making it to my friends inbox, I’m not even to sure if they are going to her junk either as I’m sure that she would have checked this at some point when she didn’t receive any reply from me (I cant be 100% on this though as her email address is the only way I have to contact her and so cant find out if my emails are going to her spam folder or just not arriving for whatever reason, as this is something I have read on forums can happen?).
The emails I send are not being ignored by my friend!! as you may straight away assume! as emails I receive from this person (one last Wednesday) usually have in the content about me ignoring there emails or not bothering to reply to them, which is an obvious indication that my many emails are not getting through for some reason? I have sent emails from my Gmail account aswell but again I don’t think they are getting through for some reason although im not having anything pop up saying my email has not been sent.
I contacted Hotmail and was told that they have changed some settings on my account (I’m assuming to do with spam maybe?) and I have sent another email to her but to no avail so was wondering if there was something else.
I’m not very computer savvy (as you can probably guess) but all i can see is that none of my emails (for whatever reason) are getting through, whether its a case of going straight to junk (like I've said i would have thought she would check this but who knows) or just not being received in anyway at all. This is the only way have to contact her so im not even able to ask her to check her junk mail or give me another email address. Its very frustrating receiving an email from her asking why im not talking anymore and if im ignoring her emails, as you can guess. I hope anyone can shed some light on this problem or give me some options to contact my friend or get my hotmail emails through to her successfully. :confused::confused::confused:
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Hi, Joe

This may seem like a dumb question, but when you write to your friend, are you replying to an email she sent ? Or are you going in to your address book and clicking on her address to create a a brand new email to send to her ? (See, I'm just wondering whether it's possible that the address you're using to send to her is not quite correctly entered in the "To" field of the email. Perhaps there's a dot "." in her name that you're not putting in ? Replying would be best.)

FWIW, it's my (limited) understanding that sometimes Hotmail and Gmail don't play nice with each other. So, maybe until you get this issue straighted out, it would be worthwhile to keep trying to contact her through your Gmail account.

In any case, Ray (our EQ Guru :D ) will surely have a lot more useful suggestions when he gets the time to respond.

Btw, it's always possible that -- somehow -- your friend accidentally changed the settings on her account in a way that's causing your emails to be discarded. If that's the case, there will be little hope of getting in touch with her unless she finds her mistake and corrects it.

As one other option to consider: how about quickly signing up for another, temporary account (Yahoo, Gmail, whatever) and trying to send her an email from that new account. Be sure your name, not just your email address (which will be unfamiliar to her), appears in the From line ! And make the subject something like, "Hey ! It's Me, Joe !! I've Been Trying to Contact You !" so it gets her attention. :)


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Hi Foggy,

Nope, not a stupid question! because i did think the same before :). The last one i sent i made sure i replied to the email so there was no way that the address could have been wrong so i dont think that is the problem.

It seems so obvious haha, im gonna do what you suggest and try some other accounts and see if an email gets through. Im hoping she hasnt accidently changed any settings because right up to August we were talking no problem and it was after then that (from what she was telling me) suddenly i was "ignoring her" :(. So i guess all i can do is email her from other accounts and hope she gets back to me.

Thanks for the suggestions Foggy!! I really hope the other accounts work, if not i have no idea what to do. We probably live in a time in history where there are more ways to keep in contact and yet all i have is this one email that doesnt recieve my messages haha :p