Emails I send to Hotmail often get marked as spam


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I have a problem sending emails to hotmail addresses, regardless of which email I am sending from (hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc). I have tested this by sending messages to my own hotmail accounts. Often my emails end up in the recipient's junk folder.

I do not have my own domain, and I use those free email providers. I have noticed that when I send from web mail, through the browser, it almost always goes to the junk folder. But if I send the exact same message through the mail app on my iPad (both wi-fi), sometimes it goes through to the inbox. Would that have any effect on whether my message is considered spam or not?

I've also noticed in the headers that my IP changes every time, so it must be a dynamic IP. Does this mean that it's completely random whether or not my emails get marked by hotmail as spam, depending on which IP I'm assigned at that moment? Is it that one minute it might be considered a spammy IP and the next it isn't? Or what is causing this? How can I ensure that my mail gets through?


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Hi Lizzle,

There are hundreds of factors (maybe thousands for the largest free email providers) that go into determining how an incoming email should be treated. The specific IP address involved in the relaying and it's current reputation are part of that decision making process. It's likely that email you send from your phone is using different smtp relays than the email you send from the web based email. Hotmail sent from vs Hotmail sent via Making sure the email you send is always hi quality, having your contacts mark your email as "not spam", and having your contacts whitelist your email address (or added to their address books for some services), can all help with getting your email delivered to their inboxes.

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