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First time on here as my frustration level has almost peaked.

I use outlook 2010 for my work email and a few others I have. My work email will receive emails just fine, but if I send them out from outlook, they show as sent, but never get received by the party I am sending them error messages or bounce messages.
This work email address is hosted by network solutions and they swear it is an issue with my ISP (comcast). I have spent hours on the phone with comcast and they swear it is network solutions fault...go figure.

I have another personal email address hosted by network solutions as well that works fine in outlook. I have also setup a gmail account in outlook, and it works fine as well.

Anyway, here is the latest info I have to decipher:

With my other 2 email addresses working in outlook, I would assume it is not an outlook problem?

With 1 of those email addresses being a network solutions address, can we assume it is not network solutions?

Since I can send and receive emails fine from my other 2 email addresses, can we assume comcast is okay?

I can log into my work email webserver and send email fine...but if someone tries to respond to an email sent from the webserver, I never get it back?

I have tried sending through network solutions servers in outlook and also comcast servers.

I need some direction as to what might be the problem, or who I can call to get this is starting to hurt my business.

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Hi flaconcrete,

The responsibility of troubleshooting missing sent emails belongs first to the sending email service. Network Solutions needs to check their outgoing mail logs and let you know exactly what is happening to your emails. Are they being blocked as spam or for any other reason? If so, what is the exact error message, and why you did not receive the bounce messages? If Network Solutions can provide the log lines showing exactly when and which Comcast server IP addresses accepted the emails then you can contact Comcast with that information and ask them to troubleshoot further. If Network Solutions can not check the outgoing smtp server log files for your mail service you should consider finding a new email service provider that meets your technical support needs.

If you get any more information or errors that we can help you to troubleshoot please let us know.

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