Emails Disappearing from Outlook 2013 folders


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I'm not sure how best to describe the problem that I'm having..

I just started a new job. They use "horde" webmail, however everyone in the office either runs this through gmail or mac mail. I on the other hand would like to run through Outlook.

I set it up and all appeared to be working fine however I noticed that folder names I'd updated started changing back to original names, and emails filed in the folders started to disappear.

I've done a google search and decided I just needed to totally redo the IMAP this morning - which I did and seemed to fix the problem... then I started noticing the same problem again! also think that my inbox is reclaiming deleted items somehow (and also maybe filed items..??) so confused!! This is a small company so no IT department to assist..

any help would be greatly appreciated!:thanks:


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Is your Outlook 2013 moving the email to the Junk folder?

If you do not connect your Outlook to the IMAP service does the Horde webmail work OK?

Can you still see the missing email using the horde webmail?

I'm not sure recreating your Outlook 2013 profile will fix this problem.

Are you missing any email or are you only having a problem with changes to folder names being lost?


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Hi Popowich,

Nothing is going to the junk folder, just seemingly disappears from outlook, although still available in horde.

Having problems with folder names not updating accurately (or more correctly reverting back to what they were pre updating their names) and missing mail from those folders

I'd also like to change the sent, deleted and draft folders so they don't show as "(this computer only)"

I'm hoping this is just a settings issue (note that I'm not a computer whiz (probably obvious!) so I'm working on trying to fix this and have set up following instructions I've found on google)

Thanks again!!:)