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steve keim

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I have a galaxy note 2 smartphone with k-9, a Samsung verizon tablet with k-9, and a laptop with Outlook 2013 using windows 8.1.

My settings on the Outlook are:

POP3 in-bound: (port 110)
outbound: (port 587) (requires auth.)

I have set this at: "the leave a copy of the email on the server"

I have emails that do not get to either k-9 mail because, when I check it on the webmail ( or it has already disappeared, and only is visible on my Outlook.

I have had for about 10 years, moved from TWC in NC down to FL (Brighthouse) with no problem about 3 years ago, but now am having nightmarish issues with "randomly" disappearing emails-- sometimes every few minutes, sometimes only after a day or so.

Microsoft, Brighthouse, Time Warner Cable, Verizon have been completely unable to help me with this. Any thoughts?


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I don't have any specific knowledge of your situation but in my experience as an E-mail administrator the problem you are describing has almost always turned to be caused by a POP client fetching and deleting messages from your account.

Your Verizon support team ought to be able to search their POP server logs to see if a POP client is deleting messages from your account. If you were one of my customers that's the first place I would look.

Of course when you call in the first-line help agents rarely have access to server logs so you are going to have to escalate the issue until you reach someone who can check the POP logs.



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If you can get the password changed (last I checked you could do it from their webmail ) that would help rule out a mail program or compromised account.

steve keim

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Thanks for the insight. Not sure what to do with this info since "My Verizon Support Team" is very hard to find. No one in the stores have information-- they are just motivated to sell "Tech help" which I bought and got nowhere with them on the phone after hours of conversation.

Having said that, I will ask that search the POP server logs and find the problem... I assume once it is found that I will be able to do something about it!

I really appreciate your taking the time to aim me in the right direction!