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Forgive me If have addresed my question in wrong place. I’ve failed to find dedicated corner strictly related to EQ topics. The latest FF (27.0.1) and while trying to send my message, I receive "message too short" type of annoyance. I’m rather restrictive allowing too many scripts, so I wonder is "googleapis" required for full functionality of being able to post messages?

I’ve "grasp" methodology to overcome this burden, simply by pasting more copies of the message, and then after preview, I can return to original size and post my reply, but not sure, did my allowing "Googleapis" also secured the way?


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Hi Netscape8,

There is a 10 character minimum limit for forum posts.

We have a "thank you" button that can be used to acknowledge posts that you have found helpful.

Yes, some parts of the forums have a dependency on Google.

Does that help to answer your question?



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I was in doubt whether (as it happens) the latest FF could be the source of problem. But now I see dependency on Google is verified and I understand.

As long as the script is allowed no longer limitation imposes.

Thank you Ray.