Email while Traveling

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This applies to both email and the web sites you visit while on the road.

Do you avoid logging into too many of your sites?

Do you restrict your logins to only trusted sites?

How do you connect to the internet? Friends house? Coffee shop wireless?

Warning - be careful about using open wireless network -

If I don't have the option to connect back to my "home base" of sorts over VPN then I'll usually try to avoid logging into any accounts and only view web sites and forums as a guest.

Big Dan

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If I'm visiting family/friends for only a weekend I keep my online time to the minimum. I check my email via my cell phone's very basic browser. If I'm somewhere that has wifi (believe it or not my aunt doesn't yet!) I take my iPod touch along and check in on that. My laptop stays in the car unless there's some kind of emergency.

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I avoid their computers and using my laptop during the day.

I understand not wanting to stare at a screen while hanging out with the family during the holidays.

We have to unplug sometime :)

It's a pretty sure bet though that I'll fire up my laptop early in the morning or late at night and check in even when on vacation.