email viral infection not over

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Hi. I still have viral activity associated with my outlook e-mail account. I have changed my password, used a root kit scanner, (Malware bytes rootkit Beta used MalwareBytes free, and have Bit Defender running on my machine.
A number of people on my e-mil contact loist have reportd back to me suspicious e-mails they received from me, that look like this:

like this We mustnt relax We must keep our focus Slytherin is trying to wrongfoot us We

  • i sent you a facebook notification

    {malicious link removed}
I believe people who click on the link get infected too. About 3 weeks ago, many of these messages were sent from my account, and my e-mail was shut down. At that time I changed my password, and things have been quiet since then. Yesterday I received e-mail from a friend, and they received the message I quoted above. What steps can I take to be rid of this virus. Thanks in advance. VV