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In my company we use Kerio Connect as our email server. there is this case in which we found out that some emails were modify by the person that received the email.

I'm wondering if Is it possible to protect incoming mail from being modify by the receiver party.

Please help me this one.

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Hi Ubaldo,

I received the following information from Kerio Connect support:

There is an "Edit As New" feature within the Kerio Connect web-client. But the sender would be changed from from the original, to a new sender - so your original email is preserved and integrity maintained. Another way that this might be achievable is if the receiver were to somehow navigate through the directory structure to their mail store and edit the contents of a message that's in their inbox.

If someone were using an email client like Apple Mail they could find the copy of the message that’s stored on their local machine and edit. This can be done for any email service, Exchange, Gmail, Connect, because the user downloads a copy of their message. This, however, shouldn’t affect the copy on the server. Its always possible to prevent people from using POP or IMAP if they’re worried about that. Additionally, there is an archiving feature built in to Connect that will capture a copy of any message as it passes through the server and before it reaches the client.


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Hi Mr. Popowich.

Thank you for the given attention and the quick response.

There are a few details that I should add to the problem, which are the following:
* The emails received come from out of the company
* In the body of the email, comes a proposal for business which the business officer that receive it must forward for approbation before given a replay.
* the person that approve, is the one that need to know that the original proposal have not been changed.

I know that in the past I have seem an email server show an option in which it convert the incoming mails to PDF or picture format before delivering to the client.

if you somebody knows of an email server that can do that, I will be happy to change my server to that one.

thank you!