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I have a small office setup of one server and two pcs running w764bit pro and one PCM running w732bit pro all with outlook 2010.

I do not have the budget for an exchange server but need to be able to share my two generic email addresses info@ and sales@ so that when I am on holiday I can see on my pc what mails have been replied to and what those replies are.

I am not the best when it comes to email servers etc but my domain&email addresses are hosted by freeola. I would prefer to keep outlook.

I think I am right that imap allows multi device syncing so is it as simple as changing from pop to imap?


Big Dan

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So long as your host supports IMAP it should as simple as changing over to the IMAP server.


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A webmail interface for the email could work too.

Bonus - using a framework such as horde for the imp webmail and other collaboration features might be useful to you too.