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Hi All,

I just set up an account with benchmark email services only to find that all of the emails I want to send must have opted in to receive emails. So I can't use the account.

Clearly the reason for this is that they don't want to be treated as a spam sending service.

However, the reason I needed the service is that I am a freelance writer and it is standard in our industry to send queries to editors via email.

Does anyone know of an email service that does not require such an opt-in requirements?

Thank You


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Hi TerryTen,

How many recipients are you going to send to at once? I'm sure there are cheaper services out there than LuxSci (though they *are* good) if all you're looking for is a simple SMTP service.



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Yes, that should be small enough for your ISP to allow the emails.

That in itself won't help much with the going to spam problem.

How are you sending the emails?

Maybe individually to each person with their address in the To: line will help keep them from going to spam.

You could also ask your list to add you to their address books and white lists.