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Hey people.

so i currently have been given a project to find an alternative email solution.
im looking after the front end and another guy is looking after the backend.
im looking to propose/investigate 3 solutions.
i will be looking into exchange & zimbra. can anyone reccomend another suggestion for me to look into.

a bit of background to what i am looking for
- email & calendar integration
- ldap allowed
- certificate authentication also
- web based as well as desktop client based
- imap friendly
- compatible on mac, windows and linux
- access to mobile devices

these are the basic needs. if any of you have experience in a similar project would much appreciate any advice/input (even if irrelevant to the above). its the first project of this kind i have taken on so im hoping to give the best i can.


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How many users does the system need to support?

How many domains does the system need to support?

How much disk space will each user be allowed to have?

What mail systems do you already have experience supporting?

I have created and supported several small/medium size netqmail / vpopmail / horde+imp based solutions over the years.

That combination seems to cover much of what you are looking for.

A variation of it might also satisfy the LDAP requirement. Here is a link to qmail-ldap

Does this need to be something that you support on site?

Is outsourcing the mail hosting an option?

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