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If I log in under "read mail", a message appears saying "you are almost there" etc.; I'm suppose to download IE (which I already have) or "continue anyway". It tries to download internet explorer, but then a message appears that says it is already installed. If I click "continue anyway", an error message appears saying I have been disconnected from the internet (which isn't true since there are other windows open).

What do I try next? I have the latest version of IE - is it associated with that? I can get to my email on a different computer, so I know it is a problem with this machine.

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It sounds like there is something very wrong going on here.

Which web site are you trying to go to to read your email?

Go to then download and run the update checker from the top right of their web site.

Also, pick 2-3 of the spyware/malware scanners and do a check of your computer.

You may also want to try an alternate web browser to get around the IR problems that you are experiencing right now - Get More From Your Firefox

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I use yahoo for email. I started havng a few problems log-in a couple weeks ago, but I could get access. Now I'm not able to read any yahoo email. This problem is definitely something between yahoo. internet explorer, and my computer. I also have a gmail account; I've been able to get into my mail from there.

I'm not familiar with filehippo, but have scanned my computer with AVG without problems.


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Have you attempted to perform a password reset on your yahoo account? I would start with that to ensure you have the proper credentials. Lord knows I forget passwords all the time it happens to all of us.

If resetting the password doesn't resolve your issue please report back and we will help you fix your issue.