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I know that two antivirus programs conflict, I installed Security essentials two days ago to see what it came back with, although Avast has always served me well. I am aware of the potential threats from the web, which is what I am trying to protect myself from properly on my new (private) PC before setting up business accounts (I work freelance). I know there is a lot of data that could have been accumulated over time, as have had the same email address for years and half the country has probably got it! - although I have pretty much used secure networks and changed my passwords. If I set up a new address and strong password; will my hotmail account be relogated to a just a forwarding account, so I can basically 'start again' with a new address and domain. and utilise Sky Drive with increased security; or shall I just open a totally new account; or will it make no difference? I obviously need to still recieve messages from my old account, but know I can set this up.