Email help regards 1 email address weird!


New Email
Morning Guys,

Hope your all well just dropping a line regards an email I've setup recently. I have setup ones before no problems but this isnt the case.

I have registered a domain for my auntie and added an email through the Cpanel in the backend. I then setup the email in Mail on my mac. Ive sent numerous emails out to friends etc and theyve received fine however when I send one to my Auntie she doesnt get the mail, even if I do it through the Webmail in Cpanel.

If she sends me one I receive it no problem, I wasnt sure if this was BTinternet as her email is

Ive set the following :-

Mail Server Username:
Incoming Mail Server:
Incoming Mail Server: (SSL)
Outgoing Mail Server: (server requires authentication) port 26
Outgoing Mail Server: (SSL) (server requires authentication) port 465
Supported Incoming Mail Protocols: POP3, POP3S (SSL/TLS), IMAP, IMAPS (SSL/TLS)
Supported Outgoing Mail Protocols: SMTP, SMTPS (SSL/TLS)

I wasnt sure if BT was blocking the email for whatever reasons, but I've email hotmail address, AOL adresses etc and theyve all received no problem. If you need any more information no problem just ask, I may be brief to you major techies out there.

Any information would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance :thanks: