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Unfortunately, my email was hacked and used to send spam to all of my contacts. It is now blocked and I cannot access the code needed to verify my account. The email address listed for the code to be emailed to is outdated (job I had five years ago) Now what? If I can't restore my email account, I'd like to at least delete the account. However, I can't even delete the account because I can not sign in!


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What kind of account is it? Hotmail? Yahoo? Something else?

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Yes, the problem is that the email address they are sending the reset code to is invalid. I can't receive the code if I can't access my expired email address. I realize that I messed up by not updating my backup email address. However, I can't change that fact. I just need to find a solution or at least find a way to delete this account. I am not sure what the hackers still have access to and I do not want people to keep emailing my accont thinking I am receiving their emails. I would email them all, but unfortunately I cannot access my contact list.

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