email forwarding


New Email
Hi I have a business with a website and with the website is emailing so lets say the business is etc dot com, then the email address is
I want to send some emails with a bcc to another email address eg
and then set that address up to forward them back to me at automatically.
I then want to set up a filter at to send all these emails into a particular folder.
I have set up the filters and forwarding in both gmail,(I have also tried GMX webmail) In each case I have got the filters/forwarding working.
If I do everything myself by hand then it all works
when i set up the automatic forwarding, it comes back with only the original address on it ie, which prevents me from filtering it on return which is the whole point, there doesnt appear to be any trace of which is what I want to set the returning filter to
Why not?
Is there anything I can do about it?