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Hi everyone,
I own a franchise and have a email address say Any email to this address is forwarded to .
I notice when I look in the host headers for the email that any email goes to (as you would expect) before it gets redirected to
My questions are 1) is it possible the email would be stored on and be accessible by them, 2) if not stored would they have a way of reading emails being forwarded through there 3) would all emails go through this server or would replies and forwards go directly since the proper path had been established?

Hope this makes sense and look forward to your response.


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Hi dmoney,

1) Yes it is possible that keeps a copy of your incoming email for backup, review, or other purposes, without leaving any trace of that activity in the mail headers.

2) Yes, even if not stored, it's still technically possible for the emails to have been seen for example by the system administrator if the emails were stuck in that mail queue for any length of time or by someone recording packets on the network. BTW #1 is the much more likely scenario.

3) Replies to emails would go out your outgoing mail server setting, or the Gmail servers if you are using the Gmail account for your replies. The emails sent out from Gmail wouldn't be seen by unless you were using a mail program on your computer to send the emails and it was configured to use that mail server.

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