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iris khow

New Email
hi ,

i received an email from " & "subject: hotmail alert" & "window live team alert confirmation ".
warning me to fill in the below for security purpose. if i refuse to reply they will suspend my account within 72 hours. hence, i have filled up the below and replied to them.

date of birth:
alternative email:
alternative password:

i cant access to my email after i've replied all these information. can you pls verify and get back my account please.

my username:
password: iris831017


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Oh no, you've been phished! Never reply to emails like this!

Someone else now has control of your email account.

Check with some of your contacts that also have Hotmail accounts. They may be able to report directly to Hotmail that your account has been compromised if they are already receiving spams from your account.

Here is some more information about getting back control of your Hotmail account :

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