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Is using an email alias a problem? I am told that best practices is to not have email aliases that direct an email from one email server to another. Example: If a person has an alias at their host provider like and it is directing mail to that person's email address at their internet provider like that because that final destination sees the alias email server in the header versus the originators email server info that this can/will result in non-delivery due to spam. Simply white listing your domain at your internet providers server will not do the trick. That the email servers IP would likely be what needs white listing, which most email providers will unlikely do, to avoid having unabated access from your host's email server... I may be rambling and this may not be clear a question... I understand the Pros of email aliases... but what are the Cons of email aliases? Thanks in advance

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There is nothing terribly wrong with email aliases. The biggest con might be it's a little tougher for some mail filtering systems to determine accurately what is spam and what is expected email. My biggest gripe is with catchall addresses/ Catchall addresses are accounts configured to receive email for Are you running into any specific problems with your email forwards? Are some emails being blocked due to an SPF misconfiguration?