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All my emails are going out as being "from" U.S. Airways and not from me! Has my account been compromised; how can I correct the situation? I have gone through the process via the "Help" pages/suggestions to no avail. PLEASE HELP!!! I'm a small business, so it is essential that my emails are correctly received. Thank you!

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Yes, it sounds like your account has been compromised and someone was sending spam emails from your account.

First - Change your password!

Second - Change your security questions and answers. (if your email provider has them)

Next, you need to fix the identity information on your email account. Who do you use for sending your email? The account settings/options screen should have a setup section where you can set your From: address and other information related to your identity. If you let us know who you use for your email we can help give you better information for this last step.