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Does anyone use the eM Client mail program?

I gave it a try but moved on after a few minutes.

The server auto discovery takes several minutes before failing when trying to configure a personal domain instead of a big free email service provider account.

I'm also not a fan of the company wanting $50 to "unlock" the ability to configure more than a couple accounts.

I'm not sure what the value of the support part of that pro purchase offers either.

My ThunderBird works fine, for free :)

Anyways, if anyone wants to add more to this and make it more of a review I'd be interested in seeing more feedback.
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I remember trying out the eM Client when it first came out and thought it had potential (to be a free Outlook-like client) but wasn't too impressed -- and I was happy enough with my email set-up at the time anyway.

I decided to try it again recently (during the summer) just to have a quick look and see what progress had been made. I recall noticing some general improvement (i.e. some more features/options and less buggy-ness), but still not being drawn to it away from my other on and off line clients. Honestly, though, my examination this time around was so cursory -- the first one wasn't too in-depth either -- that I really can't name any specifics. It worked. It was okay. But it wasn't an "Outlook killer."