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in a lot of email applications you can export and import in elm.That is good to copy local folders(with imap you need only to copy local folders) to other email applications when you do an installation in another client on another host.
But will elm still exist long time?Or will there become an alternative?


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that are unix alternatives for the unix elm client but if unix doesn't use anymore elm client does that also mean elm format will not be used anymore as import/export format in windows email clients?
maybe a stupid question because it's impossible to look in the future.


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OK, elm and eml are both things in the world of email. Elm is an old unix/linux based email client, the type of program that power users might have been using to read their email at University on old vt100 terminals back in the day. My response was alternatives to that program called elm. Yes, it makes more sense now that the OP was talking about EML format email exports and not ELM the unix email client. I expect that eml format exports, along with other standard formats such as mbox will continue to be supported for many years.