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fed up fred

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Fred wants his email to work! earthlink major service outage! pop3 up pop down how are they still in business ??? most unreliable isp email


New Email
Earthlink has a problem with one of their pop servers - it has been down for 3 days and they don't seem to know what to do about it (or are not dedicating resources to do anything about it.) Following is the text of my email to K Brand, Exec VP of Customer Care.

"One of my 5 email accounts with Earthlink (the most important one) went down on Tuesday morning and has been down since then. Your tech support people freely admit you have a server problem however all I get from them is platitudes – “we have a problem and we are working on it.”

Since Tuesday morning I have spent countless hours in an on-line chat session with someone who had no idea how to handle the issue, and 4 calls to your support people. The bottom line is we are still down and no one can tell me when we will be up and running again. This problem is impacting multiple Earthlink customers however, in our case, this inability to handle incoming emails is costing us time and, more importantly, lost revenue.

Just now I spoke to a technical “supervisor” who again could not tell me what the problem is or when it will be fixed and, more importantly, could not tell me how or to whom to escalate the problem.

This is not good enough. I have been a loyal Earthlink customer since you first started the business however I may not be for much longer. What you lack is a visible and well communicated escalation process and the ability for people like me who rely on your services to talk to senior management. These shortcomings are echoed time after time in the online forums and chat rooms.

Please, please stress with your people that you have customers out there who are dependant on your continued service and that, unless we get that, we will have look elsewhere."

Based on previous performance, I'm not holding my breath waiting for a reply - it may helkp if others sent email to the same guy (