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New to this forum so I'm sorry if this has been covered previously.

Q. I run a distributorship in the UK selling goods we buy from a foreign company with an office also in the UK. For everyday business we use their email server to communicate between company employees and customers. We have recently discovered that they have set up the server so that all email are copied to them. This means that a great deal fo my company confidential material is in their hands.
Would this be considered to be email theft?

Needless to say I have instructed cease of use of this particular server and plan to cease all dealings with the principals.

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Hi spike,

I am not a lawyer and can't comment on UK laws.

It sounds like you need a lawyer? Here is some info: Theft Act 1968

Yes, it is true that any servers or devices you choose to use to send your email will have full control to do whatever they want with the email.

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