E-Mail @ Live. 2 Questions


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We have 2 Hotmail e-mail addresses at ........@live.ie.

> Over the past few weeks, after log in the display of opened e-mails has changed with the displayed page getting bigger and the e-mail itself displaying in a very small page in the middle. How can we go back to full page display ?

> Recently the tool bar across the top of an opened e-mail has changed. The print option has now disappeared and e-mails cannot be printed, without being able to print an e-mail means the e-mail address is practically useless. Can anyone advise how to fix this ?

We recently received a lot of dodgy e-mail that went into junk. It is possible that one of these could have been opened in error....query virus.

Many thanks for your help. :thanks:


New Email
Thanks Mod for putting up my questions.

Since posting both problems have been solved !

The desktop page can be reduced / enlarged by pressing Ctrl buttom and moving the mouse wheel up or down to reduce / enlarge. So simple, so why didn't I know that !

When I clicked into my e-mails on Hotmail, the print buttom has reappeared. That has to be magic or maybe it shows how good your site is at fixing things ! It simply has to be one or the other !

Again many thanks for putting up my questions.

Regards to all and I hope you have a nice weekend.:thanks: