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I just had to go into an older PC still using Windows ME yesterday and ran a clean up software program to dump a bunch of garbage. It would not even forward mail but that is operational now. Somewhere in that process I lost the process of "When you click on the "TO " line and after the first few typed letters in that line, the addressee's address should appear automatically highlited. You simply click on that address and that completes it. This person is using Yahoo.com for their mail and not being that familar with Yahoo mail, I would appreciate it if some of you PC Geeks (more than me) out there can tell me how to get this feature up and running again in Yahoo when you click on " TO" in outgoing mail and have the outgoing address appear. It was working before I understand but all those contacts are impossible to remember alone. Many thanks Hank

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Good question. This used to be a configurable option under the mail options. During the transition to the new Yahoo mail this became an automatic feature. Make sure that the web browser and flash player involved are up to date. File Hippo is a good program for getting all related components updated. Additional software update and cleanup suggestions can be found here :


Also check the web browser security settings, java settings, etc to make sure you have not set them too high or disabled features required for every day web browsing.

Please share with us the specific fix needed when you discover where in the cleanup the auto complete functionality was broken.

:thanks: and welcome to Email Questions!