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New Email
I am not very computer literate but I have noticed that I now cannot open or save pdf attachments in Yahoo Mail. I believe that BT Yahoo installed an updated Mail version recently and that is possibly when the trouble has started.

When trying to open the attachment (Which sit in the Folders area of the screen) there is a "Scanning" message for a few seconds and then.... Nothing. When trying to save the attachment to my computer the same "Scanning" message appears for a few seconds and then... Nothing.

When looking through the laptop to find the save files, I cannot find them anywhere. I am at a loss as what to do next, hence my plea to the professionals.

Can you help an OAP to get back to normal again.



Customer Service
This has been an ongoing complaint we have been seeing. Try forwarding your email to another email program/service (gmail etc) and see if it will open from there.