Duplicate emails in Hotmail - Outlook!


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Hello! I have had this problem for a long time. I've spend time googling it and am frustrated.
I have read your other threads about this situation where people were asking the same question but they hadn't other issues along with it - cell phones attached, many email accounts, etc.

I have 2 accounts - one personal that is forwarded to my business email, and 1 primary business email I always check.
Every day I receive (12) new messages but its only 6. There are always duplicates but interestingly enough, certain emails won't have duplicates - such as lists I'm on like "Dr mercola" I only get one email from him.

anyways, I'm not completely tech savvy but I've been putting up with these daily duplicates for over a year and I thought I'd really better spend some time and try to figure it out!

Please help me I'd appreciate it so much.

a British Columbia Nutritionist :)


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Would it be possible for you to post the full email headers from both versions of a duplicated email?

Do you read all of your email on your phone?

Are you reading using multiple devices and.or mail programs?

Are all the above configured as POP3 or IMAP connections?

Double check all of your forwarding and filters to make sure there isn't an obvious problem.

I think that's enough to get started,

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