Duplicate Email with multiple pop3 accounts configured

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Are you receiving duplicate email when checking two or more pop3 email accounts with Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft explains this is a known issue here : You are prompted for your password, and you may receive duplicate e-mail messages if your profile has two POP3 accounts in Outlook

A troubleshooting step that you can try and isn't recommended above is to make sure your AV software is not causing timeouts while your email is being downloaded.

A additional workaround is to check with your ISP and see if they support IMAP accounts.

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If you have "Leave copy of message on server" checked and a large amount of email Outlook will download duplicates if it starts the second download before the first download check has completed. Increase the time interval for how often Outlook checks for new email:

  • Click File, select Options, and then click Advanced
  • Scroll down to the Send/Receive section and click Send/Receive
  • Set the time interval for "Schedule an automatic send/receive every" to 15 minutes
A very large amount of mail on the mail server may require more than 15 minutes.

Also, a few more things to check:

  • Check your Outlook configuration for duplicate mail accounts.
  • Optimize your Rules configuration.
  • Also, firewall or anti-virus protection settings could be set to high.


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FWIW, I used the Outlook Duplicate Items Remover once and it seemed to do a good job of removing duplicate email I had stored in Outlook (2007). In some cases I had 3 or 4 duplicates ! ODIR stores all duplicates that it has detected in a folder named ODIR and the user can do what he/she wants with it.