Dropping verizon internet. Effect on verizon yahoo mail


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I have a verizon internet account which I am terminating. I have a yahoo email account that years ago became a verizon-yahoo account, and may have had premium features that are now free. When I terminate my verizon internet account, what changes if any should I expect.


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If it's a Verizon email address you'll lose it when you cancel service.

If it'a a free yahoo account that you also happened to have while you were a Verizon customer you'll be able to keep the Yahoo address.

To be certain about the email address in question I recommend calling Verizon customer service at 1.800.837.4966


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Actually, I did speak to Verizon, but I am not sure they gave me the whole answer. They indicated that my Verizon.net account would remain active until I did not use it for 3 months. They did not say anything about my yahoo account that is linked to the Verizon account. That is the one I use. I had that before I went to Verizon, but it is now linked to the Verizon account. I am worried that if I lose the Verizon.net account that I seldom use that I may lose the yahoo account as well.

Does anyone have any experience with this at all?