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Drafts in yahoo mail is a feature I've never used until maybe a year ago. Back then I was composing an email message in yahoo mail, and got called away mid-compose. Not wanting to loose the thoughts I just layed down, I saved my mid-compose to drafts and clicked to close yahoo mail. A message window came up informing something about changes may not be saved. Not thinking much about it I went ahead and clicked leave. Sure enough, when I finally got back to yahoo mail my mid-compose was gone. Accepting that I was an idiot and saved my mid-compose wrongly, I simply re-composed and never thought about it again. A few months later, a similar scenario took place. This time yahoo mail got my attention. Trying to figure this out, I started composing emails and saving them to drafts, then clicking to log out at different time intervals. It seemed it took around 2 minutes to be able to close yahoo mail without loosing what I saved to drafts. A few times since, I've had to save to drafts. In those instances I simply didn't close yahoo mail and everything worked out fine. Last night, at the end of the day, I was composing a particularly difficult message that wasn't laying down smoothly. Deciding to shut down for the day and pick it up fresh tomorrow, I saved it to drafts. After about 2 minutes I clicked to sign out. The changes may not be saved message came up. Thinking I simply rushed the process, I continued with the office shut down procedure. Every few minutes I would come back and click to sign out. Each time I did, the changes may not be saved message came up. Last night it took 8 minutes to be able to sign out of yahoo mail without loosing the mid-compose I had saved to drafts. While I do not have the ability to see the bigger picture, I find it confusing that yahoo mail would consider it ok to throw away something I chose to save to drafts. It is entirely possibe the the majority of yahoo mail users that choose to save to drafts really don't care if yahoo mail throws away their draft. In that way of thinking yahoo mail is actually serving the best interests of their majority users. In the long run, all if this is really of little importance because this odd little yahoo mail quirk is not going to cause any planes to fall from the sky, or any celestial courses to change, and I can simply quit using yahoo mail when my inner being gets too tightly knotted. In light of all this, before I leave yahoo mail, if anyone has discovered a workaround to keep yahoo mail from throwing away your draft without having to wait those 2, possibly 8 minutes, I would greatly appreciate hearing your suggestions. Thanks, K.


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Hi @kthr33,

How are you accessing Yahoo Mail? I did 2 tests from Windows 10 + Chrome web browser. In both conditions of starting an email and then either clicking the X to close the compose window or directly closing the web tab, a draft was saved and available to continue at my next login. I'm interested in testing from other web browsers in case it's a browser specific issue. Do you have anything else like your phone connected to your Yahoo Mail too?


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Thank You popowich for considering and responding to my post. I access yahoo mail via windows 10 and chrome browser. When this first happened I assumed it was an error in my system until I realized the changes may not be saved window is a yahoo window. It could still be a conflict with the settings in my system causing the yahoo window to appear. Over the years, my system will act different then everyone elses. Several years ago I was experiencing an issue that was proving difficult to diagnose. At this time all the details have escaped me. The part I remember is when the tech exclaimed the software wasn't designed to do what my system was doing. A few months later my system crashed and I replaced it with new - Problem Solved! I greatly appreciate your effort but I've decided to live with it a while now that I understand it better. Also I don't use drafts that much anyway. K.

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