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Popowich excellently answered my question in Yahoo questions about how to batch delete in Yahoo. But there is a new wrinkle to my question! A friend has an inbox crammed with over 40,000 e-mails. His sister managed the inbox, but she died. It came out after she was gone, that she had mismanaged the family's finances and possibly had been carrying on an affair. So there may be e-mails hidden in that lot that would be useful legally. Most of the e-mails, probably 95%, are useless ads. My friend would like to separate out personal e-mails. ~ My personal Yahoo inbox has a feature I frequently use that sorts the e-mails by sender. My friend's personal Yahoo inbox, the one with 1000's of e-mails, lacks that feature! Also, I see no labeling on his e-mail box for an upgrade. There is such a button on mine, but I'm loathe to use it lest I lose my sorting feature! ~ Our question is how to separate out the questionable e-mails?

If they were in my inbox, I would sort by each sender of ads and batch delete all those. Where do I find the sort feature in his inbox?


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I think the easiest way to handle this problem is use Mozilla Thunderbird to access the Yahoo Mail, and use SpamFighter to eliminate the spam in the account so you can go through the legitimate emails.

First, if you don't have it already, download and install Mozilla Thunderbird.

After installing Thunderbird use these settings to add the Yahoo account:

When you are done adding the Yahoo account, close your Thunderbird. Make sure your quit and that it's just minimized.

Next, download and install SpamFighter. Using the free version should be fine for this task. The only reason to upgrade it is if you happen to want to permanently use Thunderbird + SpamFighter and you prefer to have the email signature removed that's added by the free version to outgoing email.

Restart Thunderbird. When prompted, allow the SpamFighter add-on:

Thunderbird Allow Spamfighter.JPG

When prompted, restart Thunderbird again to complete the installation.

In Thunderbird, to clean the inbox, or any IMAP folder:

How to clean Yahoo inbox and imap folders.JPG

  • Highlight the inbox or IMAP folder that you want to clean
  • Click More and then select Clean Folder
  • SpamFighter will then scan and move spam to the SpamFighter folder
Repeat this process for all inboxes and mail folders that you want to clean.

This procedure does not require that you always use Thunderbird. You can continue to use the Yahoo webmail for reading the email.

Please let us know how well this solution worked for you and if you need any additional help cleaning up the 40,000 email Yahoo account.

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