does my phone work internationally,,text and is there any charges


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Maybe. Check with your phone service provider. International charges can get expensive. There might be an add-on for your service plan to get while you're out of the country.


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One alternative if you have a GSM type of phone (ATT, T-Mobile, etc) is to buy a SIM card in the country you are visiting. This is an inexpensive solution that will provide phone and text within the country but may not give you access to your existing email account. I think LTE is gradually replacing GSM, but GSM is still used in most countries around the world. This requires some preparation before you go to make sure your phone is unlocked and that you have a multi-band phone, but it is very cheap and convenient. When you arrive just pop in the SIM card and buy some "minutes" and you are on the air. You can even buy a $50 unlocked GSM phone to use for traveling. Your neighborhood cell phone shop can explain all this and help you get set up. As Popowich said, international charges (country to country) might still be expensive.

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