Do you delete your emails? How many emails do you have?


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I am going to attach a collage pic that I created between two email accounts that I have. Two are from my yahoo email. One says 9,999+ on the tab where I was creating an email because it couldn't fit the entire number. The other one from yahoo says 10,851 (the actual count) The third one is from my thunderbird account that says 10,341.

As you can see, I am really bad about deleting emails. As you can see I have over 21,000 emails in my inbox from just these two accounts. (that doesn't include all of my folders or my sent emails. :eek: While I'm thinking of it, I am going to add my folder counts from both accounts too before posting.

I have several more email accounts.o_OScary huh? How many emails do you have?

emails galore.jpg


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Ca. 30,000 since 1999. Across several folders. Total storage 1,900 MB. And yes, I regularly delete mail.