Do you check your email and texts when you get them?


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When you get a text do you always check them immediately?

Does your phone automatically check for new emails?

Is your phone configured to only check when you ask it to look for new email?

If your phone automatically checks for new email, do you look immediately when there is a new email notification?


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I check email often and view whatever message(s) I might find there. Of course, with my low-volume email life these days, I frequently feel like the lonely Maytag repairman. (Does that analogy betray my age? :D)

As far as texts, my cell phone is only for important calls, not casual conversation, so if any of my contacts send a text, I view it immediately as well. And a few contacts' emails are forwarded to my phone because of their importance.

So, generally, yes, I check messages asap. :)


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It depends who the text is from if I look at it immediately or not. I have to fetch my email on my phone because I don't want it draining my battery. I check my phone email at least every two days and the email program on my pc usually every day.