Do you backup your email?

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How do you backup your email?

If you use a free or premium webmail service do you occasionally download a copy of your inbox to a mail program on your computer?

If you use a mail program on your computer do you have online backups or do occasional backups to a thumb drive or other backup device?

Is there anyone who has a regular email backup schedule?

I have to admit that I don't have any backups for my primary account.

Sometimes when trying new backup software I'll get one then but it's definitely not something I do regularly (though I should be!)


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I'm not nearly the email pack-rat that I used to be. Since I don't use it for business (or very, very little) it's mostly family & friends stuff and 'junk.' But to back up things I do want to keep I have my primary account forward all email to another account (both very trustworthy and reliable services). Once in a while, if I think of it and if it's important enough, I'll fire up Outlook 2007 and get my FM IMAP account to download any new 'keepers.'

When you back things up do you back up only business emails or also family stuff, newsletters, online shopping receipts, etc. ?

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I'm bad about doing regular backups. When I actually do perform a backup I grab all emails and folders. That would be for my primary personal email account. My business email is automatically backed up to tape backups a couple different ways so I don't back that up myself ever except for the occasional purge of ancient sent-mail folders that I'll drop into my archive folder. I don't really need my sent-mail from year 2000 but I like to keep it for the notes that may have been made over email. You never know when you need a little more info about something you worked on in 2003. ;)

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I fetch Gmail via POP3 into a separate Thunderbird profile about once a month or so that gets backed up on a couple of external HDs so I'm good to go..or a least I hope so. :eek: