Do Yahoo use servers in Dublin Ireland or has my account been hacked?


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When I check my YAHOO email headers, they always start with the same ISP number which when googled says it originates in Dublin Ireland.

Does that sound correct?

The number is also listed here as a server that Yahoo uses:

Im just worried that someone might have hacked my yahoo accounts.

Im using Mac OSX 10.6



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This is the start of the header

X-Apparently-To: via; Sun, 09 Jan 2011 22:09:42 +0000

I can post the rest if you need it.

When I google the ISP shown, it lists it as an Irish server. I just want to check its a real yahoo mail server and not a scam



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With the rest of the headers you can see the IP address of the senders computer.

With just the above you can verify if the email left Yahoo's servers but not if the sender is likely to be a scammer or a legit real contact.

Yes, is the IP address of a Yahoo mail server.



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Thanx Raymond

I just wanted to verify that the emails came from a Yahoo server.

The rest I can figure out ok.

I have been having problems with someone who lives in Dublin you see.

Now you given me that list of Yahoo servers I can check things myself.

Thnx again