Display ruler and add margin in Windows Live Mail


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Just installed Windows 7 running Windows Live Mail. I'm used to the old version of Outlook and not familiar with Live Mail.

My question is: how do I display the ruler and set the right-hand margin when composing in Live Mail?



Customer Service
When you compose an email, you can set your margin by selecting the one you choose where I circled it in the picture.

margin settings live mail.jpg


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Hello Theresa,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my message.

I tried doing as you suggested but I still can't display margins or rulers. Apparently, in the Live Mail that I see, clicking on the paragraph part of the ribbon only displays left, center, or right justification.

In the old Outlook, I was able to see the ruler indicator in the upper right of the page and change it; in Windows 7 Live Mail I can't.

Any further suggestions?